Reality is frequently inaccurate...

British, 17, slowing letting fandoms ruin my life...

So this is a complete mess of fandoms and anything that makes me smile :)


I hate when people mention someone in their life by their name without providing me with any context about who this person is.

“So Dylan and I went to yoga class yesterday — ”

Hold it right there. Who the fuck is Dylan. Your boyfriend? Your arch nemesis? Your brother? Your pet sea monkey? Your therapist? Your favourite fictional character? Are you on a first-name basis with your dad? Last-name basis with Bob? WHO THE FUCK IS DYLAN.

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a pregnant woman goes into a coma

months later she wakes up, no longer pregnant

“you had twins! ” the nurse exclaims. “your brother named them”

“what did he name the girl?” the woman asks


“that’s alright, I like denise. and the boy?”


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